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What does the results and grading fiasco mean for me?

David McGravie, Deputy Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Education, and Head of the School of Arts:

I think it offers a little bit of confusion. I think there's lots of noise out there, and I think what we can do is help you through that, and help you navigate the path. If you call us we've got a team full of academics, and administrative staff from admissions, who are there, who are knowledgeable and can really help you kind of understand what your options are.

Dr Paula Holt, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the College of Health and Social Care:

The most important thing is to talk to us, so that we know your individual circumstances. We can look at your entire profile and make decisions about your suitability for the programmes based on your entire profile.

Should I get in touch if I have any ongoing concerns about my grades?

David McGravie:

I think it'd be helpful if you could let us know, just so we're aware because we can hold places open to you, we can talk to you, we can keep you informed, and hopefully we can reassure you in this process, which I'm sure seems a little bit daunting at the moment. 

Call +44 (0)1332 592020.

How long will the University hold my place for?

Dr Paula Holt:

So, if you are in any doubt about your place at university following your results, get in touch. We will be holding the place open anyway for you until 7 September.

The important thing is to talk to us, so that we can help you to plan your future, and make sure that you get on the career trajectory that you want to be on.

This has been a really difficult and confusing time for students, for their parents, for their families, and people not really knowing what the future holds, and I think what would be good would be to have a good long conversation with an academic in the area that you really want to work in.

Talk about your profile, talk about what it is that you want to do, and let's look at what we can do in terms of getting you started on the career that you want.

Derby's 'quadruple lock'

What's more, we have the Derby quadruple lock. We will make you an offer based on any one of the following forms of assessment:

Advice on securing your place video

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