the Hollowford Centre experience video transcript

The Hollowford Centre experience is an integral part of our apprenticeship.

You can only work minerals where they actually occur in the ground and that means that a lot of our apprentices find themselves dispersed throughout the country. So that's one of the first really important things about Hollowford. It's getting people together on site for a week, spending time together, sharing their experiences.

The main highlight of the week to me was the fact how on Sunday when I came here I was completely in a different attitude to how I am now towards it. I'll admit I was dreading it and I thought it wasn't going to be for me. I'm not outdoorsy, but at the end of it I feel completely different in that. I've actually really enjoyed the week.

The activities are always very varied and challenging and we're working with people that are from different companies and we don't always know their strengths and weaknesses. So it's always a fantastic opportunity to network and to grow as a team.

Good leadership is important at work but I don't think a leader always has to be the manager of a project, you can lead from within a team and being on the course has massively helped with learning what I've been doing on site.

I think that's the beauty of apprenticeships really, is that you've got this academic side where you come to the University and get the information from guys and girls that have been doing the role for 30/40 years some of them, and that just supplements really what you're learning on site which is on the front line as we like to call it.

The Institute benefits from its partnership with the Centre for Mineral Products through developing new talent for the industry, so we partner in helping support and deliver the courses through the centre - we're one of the key partners in doing that.

That ensures there's a basis for those coming through into the industry. They've got a really good grounding in the training and education they get through Derby and that helps to develop them into competent professionals as they move through their career. So we're really proud to be part of it.

We need to meet the future infrastructure demands. We need to attract and retain great talent for our industry.

The Central for Mineral Products helps us to work across industry to attract talent and develop that talent.

The Hollowford Centre experience video

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