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Anyone thinking of coming to study this course at the University of Derby should just jump in with both feet.  The knowledge that you gain, the people that you meet, and you'll be surprised at the amount that you learn which will affect your day to day working life.

The Centre for Mineral Products is unique. You won't find The Centre for Mineral Products in many other universities. What we do within the Centre for Mineral Products and the work that we're doing with the Institute of Asphalt Technology is also looking at the international dimension as well.

As obviously, this is a global sector working with global companies and making sure that we look at that future workforce requirements in the global context is a key aspect of what we're doing as well.

So a key component to the programms is that we have got industry relevant staff teaching the future workforce to their industry experience and through their research engagements as well. And that's key really, because we have to understand the industry to be able to work within the sector, but also bringing in new knowledge and new technologies and capabilities as well.

Our entire student population are in full time employment within the mineral products sector. One thing that attracted me to the course was that all their tutors were extremely experienced professionals within the industry.

The fact that the course was written by the tutors with the help of the Institute of Asphalt Technology just made it more appropriate to my learning.

Studying the course at Derby had a massive impact on my career because it leaves my employers and my clients safe in the knowledge that I've got the academic background to go with my experience.

I think we get wrapped up as contractors only knowing  what comes out the back of a paver. So actually knowing where the constituent parts come from and how it's put together has left me in a better place to better inform my clients.

The reason for studying at Derby Universityis that it's a leading University for our sector. I started off doing my diploma in asphalt went on to doing an honours degree.

But yeah, the whole course was brilliant. I loved it from start to finish. It's quite challenging. But as long as you put the effort in, it's helped gain me two promotions. From everything that I learned doing the courses,plus what I'm doing at work, I've developed a keen interest  in the environment and energy saving initiatives.

For me as a young contracts manager, I think it's given me a new perspective on how I approach a lot of the problems I deal with every day. It's been very good for my self-confidence. That helps a lot, especially when you're dealing with people who've been working in the industry for gone on 30 years.

It's been invaluable to me. We have specific strategic partnerships with the professional institutes that represent the sector and so that link between the Centre for Mineral Products and the University and the institutes is really, really important.

It helps employers understand the professionalism of what's being offered.

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