Using your campus in September video transcript

Hi, my name is Clarence Clark, check out my campus tour video on how The University of Derby is making your social, learning, and living spaces as safe as possible when you start uni in September.

I came to Derby on a sports scholarship for American football, and I'm currently pursuing my Masters of Business Administration.

I'm here at reception and today I'm going to be giving you a campus tour of some of the facilities, and how the University is making your social, learning, and living spaces as safe as possible. Follow me.

This place is called the Atrium, it is the main hub of the University, where you can come and meet with your friends, shop, or grab something to eat. As you can see, the signs are very easy to follow. The walkways have been marked up so that social distancing measures are adhered to. All of the seating in the Atrium has been spaced out to ensure that you stay one metre apart, but still enough space for you to come and relax in between your studying.

There are many places for you to come and grab something to eat, whether you're queuing in line, or sitting down to eat with your friends, everything in the Atrium will be spaced out with the latest guidance. Safe, but sociable enough. This is one of our lecture theatres, while most of your large lectures will be taught online in the first semester, you may still need to come in for some of them. As you can see, we have clearly marked the seats that can be used, to ensure that there is plenty of spaces between you and your classmates.

This is one of our classroom spaces, this space is used for smaller seminar sessions with your module group. As you saw in the lecture hall, the tables and chairs that can be used are clearly marked and are distanced one metre apart. A one-way system has been put in place across all staircases and walkways on campus to ensure that moving in between classrooms is as easy as possible. Lifts are available for those who are disabled, as well as those that have accessibility needs only. So, if that's not you, grab the stairs - it's a great way to get some exercise and some steps in.

This year we're introducing carefully managed access to the library to ensure that you can use it while social distancing. You can book a 30 minute slot to browse the books and selection, as well as a much longer slot to study. If you're studying from home, or your halls, you can access our online library. You really do have everything you need to smash your studies. Social distancing measures have been put in place in our residence halls communal areas, such as this one, where you collect your post. Each flat will be classed as a household and encouraged to form small social bubbles so you can participate in events, as well as make new friends and have fun around uni.

Well, that's it for my campus tour today, I hope that's helped you get an idea of what you can expect when you join the University in September. Look forward to seeing you around campus pretty soon.

Using your campus in September video

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