Tamzin Burch - Studying at home video transcript

Hello everybody today's video is going to be all about what it's being like to study at home. My name is Tamzin, I am a first-year Marketing, PR and Advertising student, and the year before last I did a Foundation year so I have been at Derby for two years now. Remote studying has been interesting for sure and it was something that was a little bit difficult to get my head around at first and I'm sure it was similar for a lot of you guys watching this. It has actually reminded me a lot of when I always do my GCSEs and when I had to study at home a lot because of this I tried to think back and utilise a lot of the skills I learned back then.

Finding quiet spaces and communicating with others in my household are probably my best two pieces of advice. It's so important to talk to the people in your house and let them know when you are studying so that hopefully you can come to sort of agreement and volume levels will be kept to a minimum. Taking regular breaks and managing my time effectively are also two really important things I have had to consider. I would also say making the work that I am doing as enjoyable as possible whether that's taking notes in funky formats or whether that's watching videos that do truly interest me on my research topics.

I have found making the learning experience as fun as possible and making it feel like I'm in a lecture with my friends has really helped throughout this time. Luckily my course is all coursework based so I haven't had to revise for any exams as such but I have been making and presenting presentations and also writing assignments.

Being at University for a while now I have been able to take skills that I have learned and adapt them into this new way of living. In the past two years, I have learned how to study independently and with all the resources available to us online with Derby, the transition has been as smooth as possible. My lecturers have been on hand for guidance when necessary and I am learning so much about the way that I learn which has provided me with some great insights which I think will be really beneficial for the future. I hope you enjoyed these tips if you want to learn more about me and my life at Derby, and at home as well right now, then you can follow me on instagram @TamzinLena. Bye.

Tamzin Burch - Studying at home video

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