Excellence in Learning and Teaching video transcript

Fiona Shelton (Head of the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching): The University of Derby is known for its excellence in learning and teaching. Whether you are continuing your degree at Derby or joining us for the first time we're looking forward to welcoming you to our University community. Even though the COVID19 pandemic has affected daily life, you can be reassured that you will continue to receive the highest quality teaching. Your Union of Students have been working closely with the University on all aspects of your experience. From the spaces, you will study in online and in-person to the digital resources available to you and of course your learning experience. We will be asking you for regular feedback and ideas so we can keep making improvements and create new opportunities for you so you can really make the most out of your time at University. Keep your eye on your uni mail and on Udo.

David McGravie (Head of the School of Arts): There will be real-time learning with your tutors and your fellow students online and in person. It will be a little different but we are committed to offering high-quality teaching and specialist digital and on-site resources.

Tamzin Burch: I am a Marketing, PR and Advertising student at Derby and I'm really excited to return for my second year. The University's approach to teaching is called 'blended applied learning'. This means you will take part in a combination of on-site activities at the University as well as online digital learning with your lecturers and other students. You'll also have access to online materials including all of the library resources. This includes ebooks, journals, and also study support. This means you can study at a time that suits you.

Bruce Wiggins (Lecturer in Electronics, Maths and Computing): Wherever possible you will have access to specialist facilities and spaces which are tailored to your course so that you can develop the specific skills you need for your course and the experience, insights and knowledge you will need for your future career. We know the future will require us all to learn new digital and technological skills so we are taking a future-focused approach to learning and teaching to prepare you for your dream job.

Barbara Horackova (Digital Marketing Student): As well as timetable teaching we will be able to book time in some of the specialist learning facilities on campus such as labs, sports facilities and studios depending on the subject you are studying. Did you know that the University has a Bloomberg suite set up like a trading floor with a scrolling digital stock ticker on the wall, an immersive suite for nursing simulations, a virtual reality game development lab and Pixar-quality animation renders to name but a few of the investments into specialist software and learning spaces.

Bruce Wiggins (continued): Whatever you are studying with us individual academic advice will be available from expert staff both face to face as well as virtually. All students are allocated a Personal Academic Tutor who will work with you during the year to offer guidance, support your progress and develop your learning goals and make plans for the future.

Clarence Clark (MBA Student and Sports Scholar): The University has created digital services for other aspects of your experience. Every student will have a Personal College Advisor who can direct you into the right service and answer questions at the point of contact. If you're looking for inspiration on your career our Career and Employment Service is now a digital service where you can seek guidance. If you need additional well-being support the University's well-being team now offers in-person and online services. The Union of Students have been working with the University to provide you with a peer assisted learning scheme, run by students for students, so you can talk to students who have studied your course for tips and advice. You can find all of these details on the app.

Sue Jennings (Head of Law): We have adapted classroom spaces to make sure you can study safely. We seek to create a culture of acceptance and fairness centered around environments that value different forms of knowledge which are engaging and professional. We want you to be part of a learning community where you feel connected to your lecturers, to your fellow students and the city of Derby. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Excellence in Learning and Teaching video

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