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As a Marketing Rep, you will be offered opportunities to work with our Marketing team throughout the year, creating content such as blogs, vlogs, photography, video, social media posts, and supporting various events.

Don’t worry if you’ve never produced a video or written a blog before. For us, that isn’t important. What’s important is that you enjoy studying here and that you’re up for sharing that with future students. 

You’ll be working with marketing and media professionals to ensure you have all the support you need to create great content.

Check out below what our current Marketing Reps have to say and examples of content they have helped to create.

Want to get involved? Here's what to do next...

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  2. On completion of the form contact Ryan O'Riordan who is a member of the marketing team and leads the Marketing Rep scheme. Arrange a virtual meeting with him to discuss your suitability for the role. Ryan will explain more about the type of projects you will be involved in and clarify the terms and conditions of employment via the Student Employment Agency. Email

Become a DerbyUni Marketing Rep

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Vlog: Studying at home

Tamzin Burch

View Tamzin Burch - Studying at home video transcript

Thomas with his arms crossed, leaning against a wall in a cafe wearing a sweater

Blog: Why I chose the University of Derby

Choosing the University of Derby is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life and it was all down to a simple change of heart. I was planning on studying Computer Science in London but at the last minute, I reconsidered.

Read Thomas's blogRead Thomas's blog

Video: Using your campus in September

Clarence Clark

View Using your campus in September video transcript

Manaal Mulla from UAE

Blog: How academic expertise inspired me to dream big

While studying Counselling and Psychotherapy, I have felt appropriately challenged, I have been tested and have been able to critically evaluate my skills as a trainee psychotherapist. It has made me recognise areas for growth and pushed me to continue learning.

Read Manaal's blogRead Manaal's blog

Video: Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Excellence in Learning and Teaching

View Excellence in Learning and Teaching video transcript

Fancy another opportunity?

There are also other roles you can get involved in that will boost your CV and experience.

Are you passionate about your course and keen to share your experience with others? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in applying to be a Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors work with two teams in Marketing - the Schools and College Liaison team and the Widening Access Team. Together they help to promote higher education and the University of Derby to school and college students. You will be networking and representing the University to the public. The perfect way to build confidence and meet new people.

Unibuddy is a peer to peer chat platform that enables our current students to have conversations about their university experience with prospective students.

Buddies work with the Schools and Colleges Liaison Team to promote the University and answer a variety of questions based on their own experiences. They are expected to have a professional manner, confidence to talk to a variety of enquirers, a passion for their degree subject and life as a student. 

If you are interested in either of the above roles you can contact us at