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I'd just I'd say a big thanks for taking us to Washington and New York. Amazing, probably the best thing I've ever done. Met some amazing people and hands down my favourite part of Washington truly amazing thank you.

My Favourite part of the trip was collecting all my pin badges from the amazing places we've been.

My favourite part of the trip was laughing all the time making lots of new memories and seeing the sights of New York and Washington DC and learning a lot about the history of America as well as ticking nearly everything off my bucket list.

My favourite thing about the trip was meeting lots of new people and experiencing America for the first time. I definitely didn't think I was gonna get a place on the trip when I applied but it's been the highlight of my university experience.

I enjoyed the experience of dynamic New York City and I enjoyed a lot the Washington it's very beautiful town. As well I managed to get some new friends during this trip and I think it's really amazing.

My favourite part of the trip was making loads of new friends and eating loads of triple cheeseburgers.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in New York City and Washington DC. It took me a little while to adapt to New York because of the fast pace but I enjoyed the culture, the diversity, the beautiful city it was so much fun. Washington DC was a little bit laid-back and beautiful I enjoyed it there. From all the tours we did I enjoyed most the 911. It just gave me that opportunity to be proud of that experience and I found that amazing.

My favourite part of the trip was getting to see all historic famous places and getting to learn about the most diverse city in the world.

My favourite part about New York and Washington was experiencing things I'd never experienced before. Also meeting the wonderful people I did meet and learning about their experiences - it really can change your world travelling.

My favourite thing about the trip was just the entire experience from start to finish and meeting everyone that was on the trip that I wouldn't have had chance to meet otherwise.

The best part of the trip for me in particular was being able to meet new people that I wouldn't have generally got to meet even though they go to the same university as me which is excellent because you know not everyone gets that experience of being put in this position with other people so the fact that I got to meet new people make new friends I'd never would've thought I'd made is yes excellent, it really is, I was happy that the university gave me this opportunity to be able to do so, so I'm really grateful for the international travel awards as well.

The trip was absolutely exceptional which I'll be forever grateful for. Thank you so much University of Derby.

I loved everything about this trip-seeing students embrace new experiences and build new friendships with each other was really special, it was unforgettable.

New York video

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