Credibility Interviews


Tier 4 applicants can expect to be invited to attend an interview as part of the application process. All students applying outside of the UK will be emailed with details about attending an interview, so please make sure you check your email account regularly, including the ‘junk’ folder. Students applying in the UK will be posted a letter if an interview is required.

Interviews are via video call, similar to Skype, with a UKVI officer based in Sheffield in the UK and last approximately 20 minutes. The interview is to establish if you are a genuine student and to test your English language ability. You will be asked questions about your course and why you want to study in the UK and specifically at the University of Derby. Make sure throughout the interview you can clearly understand the interviewer.


The report of the interview will be sent to the officer who will make the decision on your application. Typical questions may include:


Why have you chosen to study In the UK?

What is it about the UK that makes you want to study here?

What made you choose the UK over your home country or another English-speaking country?

You may want to discuss the positives of the British education system and how it will benefit your future career.


Why have you chosen to study at the University of Derby?

What is it about Derby that makes you want to study here?

Did you research Derby’s facilities and industry links?

Did you look at any other universities?

You want to discuss why Derby was the best suited option for you over other UK universities.


Why did you choose your course?

Why have you chosen this particular course?

Did you consider any other courses?

How does this course help with your future plans?

Think about how the course will benefit your future career prospects and aspirations. You may be asked questions about the structure of the course and the names of modules you will be taking. Make sure you are familiar with the course by looking at course information on our website.


How will you travel to your university?

Where is Derby located?

How much will it cost to travel from your accommodation to campus?

You will need to demonstrate your knowledge of Derby’s location in the UK and how you expect to travel to the university from where you will be living.


Do you plan to work in the UK?

You need to make it clear that you understand that your primary reason for coming to the UK is for your studies. If you do plan on working, explain how this will benefit you and your studies. You should also demonstrate an understanding of the limitations there are for work for Tier 4 students.


Why is there a gap since your last studies?

If it has been a few years since you last studied you may be asked the reason for this.

Why are you looking to return to studies now?

Will this course benefit your current profession?

What were you doing during this gap of studies?


How are you financing your studies?

If you are funding yourself, or it is a parent/legal guardian, where has this money come from?

Does your parent have enough money to adequately support you and how are they able to do this?

What is their occupation and salary?

Are your parents funding anyone else’s studies? The financial cost of supporting more than one child/relative will be considered by the UKVI officer.


This is not an exclusive list and more, similar questions may be asked. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at