Travelling to Buxton

If you are travelling independently please let us know when you are arriving in the UK so as we can make sure how best to contact you when you arrive in Buxton. Below is information on how best to reach the University when travelling independently. 

From Manchester Airport

From Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport

From Birmingham International Airport

From London Gatwick Airport

By car

If you're planning to travel to Buxton by car, here is the postcode of our hall of residence:

A useful online route planner

You will need a car parking permit to park your car at our hall of residence, so make sure you've completed the Car Parking Permit Application Form that we will email to you with your offer of a room.

There is no car parking on our Buxton Campus

Some of this information may change, so we recommend that you check the details for your journey yourself to avoid any errors.