What are student nights out like? video transcript

[Music] Hi I'm Alice, I'm here at a University of  
Derby Hall of residence to find out what  student nights are all about. [Music]
Hello, hi guys good evening! Thank you ever so  much for letting me tag along with you tonight,  
I'm really looking forward to it. So I've come  here today to find out about a typical student  
night in Derby what does that look like? -So  usually we'll start with like something a nice  
little social gathering with your friends just to  I don't know maybe even meet new people go to the  
club, pub, or anything similar - but the most  important thing is during the night just have  
the most fun that you can have. -So would you say  there's any difference between a student night out  
and the sorts of night out you had at home before  you came to uni? -Yeah that's a lot of difference  
because I'm from Malaysia and here the thing  that I like the most is everything is really  
near to the uni like the cinema, the mall, the  clubs, the restaurants. Typically we just gather  
with friends at the end of my street and then we  walk together, sing some songs, take pictures,  
hang out, have a great time and then come back  home safe. -So for anybody who you know doesn't  
necessarily want to do that sort of late night  night clubbing sort of night out, what sorts of  
other things are there to do in Derby? -You can go  bowling, you can go to the cinema, you can do some  
Escape rooms, you can also go to the park have  a picnic, in winter we've got Christmas markets  
going on so you can go there just spend a little  bit of time there maybe have a hot chocolate. So  
there's quite a few big range of things that  you can do. -It's been really great talking to  
you thank you very much I'm going to head off  now but I will see you down there later bye.
So Owen, how safe is Derby as a city for students?  -Derby as a whole is actually quite a safe City  
because we're fortunate enough to be able to work  with the city council and that's with the Union  
and the University to help with initiatives such  as the Purple Flag which basically gears towards  
a safer nighttime economy and we're able to  sort of pitch into that fund and actually  
cater it a bit more to the students. But yeah  as a whole that working relationship we're able  
to have those partnerships and things like such  as Street Pastors are able to sort of give that  
service to students on a night out. -So which  organisations do you work with in the city to  
make student nights safe? -So we're fortunate  enough to work with Stonegate which have many  
different venues in the city center one of them  being Popworld and the Friary and fortunately with  
Popwold we're able to make a student-specific  night out and that basically means that we're  
able to keep tabs on students and make sure  they're being safe on a night out. -Right so  
that's great Owen, thank you very much -  I think this is me, I'm going to go back  
and meet the students now for the rest of the  night but it's been lovely talking to you thank  
you very much for joining me! -Likewise. See you  later. [Music] -Hi guys! Nice to see you again.  
Do you feel safe in Derby when you're on a night  out? -Yeah I do feel pretty safe in Derby in a  
night out, I think Derby is a pretty safe place  in general. -Do you find it hard having a social  
life but also keeping on top of your studies?  -Personally I don't, I tend to make sure that  
I don't go out the night before a lecture, I try  to keep my notes updated before I go out because  
I think it's a responsible thing to do. -When you  first arrived at University did you find it easy  
to make friends? -Personally I found that really  easy to make friends. On my first day here because  
I live in student accommodation I was in the lobby  and two people came up to me and they asked if  
I wanted to go out and from there we just became  mates and kept going out. -So when you're actually  
inside the venues, how safe do you feel in there?  -We feel pretty safe all the time because there's  
always security around us all the time so in  case anything at all we can just look over  
to them and they're always there for us. -We've  made it to our final destination for the evening:  
we're here at Popworld, it's student night, and  I'm going to go in there now and check it out.
I think that's me for tonight, I'm  going to get a taxi home now I've  
left those guys to it in there. It's  been a really brilliant night and it's  
been so good to find out what a student  night in Derby is all about. [Music]

What are student nights out like? video

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