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Hooray! Go you! You have been accepted into the University of Derby and come September, it's goodbye hometown and hello new life! We know you're probably feeling a mix of nerves, excitement, happiness and everything in between, along with trying to prepare for the biggest change in your life, but don't worry.  Here we have everything you'll need to know for moving into halls. So, sit back, grab a cuppa and start preparing for your university adventure.

Before you arrive

What to bring

It can be easy to overpack, trust us, you do not need three cars full of stuff! Although at the same time, forgetting the essentials like your duvet or mobile phone can be problematic too, so we have made this handy list of essentials for when you move into halls.

Unikitout Special Offer!

For many students, you have to go out and buy your own cutlery, saucepans, mashers and so on, as up till now, you've just been using what's at home.  We have teamed up with Unikitout to get you a lovely 10% discount on their website. Just use the promotional code DERBY10, when ordering, to get your discount. Unikitout sell bedroom, kitchen and bathroom bundles to suit all budgets offering a range of essential products, and the best part? The best part is that they deliver it to your hall, ready for when you move in.  Alll you have to do is unpack the box! Shop online at Unikitout

Book your arrival slot

If you're a new student arriving on Welcome Day (Saturday 19 September 2020) you'll need to book an arrival slot. Book your slot here from 13 August, after A level results have been released.

Download a photo for your ID card

Download a photo of yourself for your university ID card. Then you'll be able to pick up your card at your hall Welcome Meeting.  

Download the WiFi app now to get ahead

Install the app for halls WiFi now to manage your ASK4 account and get all the help and support you need. To download it, simply head to the app store or Google Play and search for ASK4.

Your insurance cover

The University of Derby has arranged some insurance cover for you with Endsleigh, the No 1 student insurance provider. Your policy number for this insurance cover is HH1093. To find out what's covered, extend and personalise your cover or to ask any questions look here and quote your policy number.  

Male student unpacking boot of car


Where to go, where to park and everything else you need to know to make moving in a smooth process.

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Once you're here

Everything you need to know about living in halls from Day 1. 

Whatever else you get up to, make sure you tick these off your list in the first week.

Attend your hall Welcome Meeting. This is your chance to meet your hall stafv and pick up your student ID card. This card serves as your official student ID, your library card and door access control card, as well as identification to benefit from various student discounts and free access to the Unibus. You'll find your Welcome Meeting invitation in your room.

Fill in your Inventory Form. Your Hall Manager will email it to you. Fill it in and send it back ASAP. This will ensure that the condition of your room on arrival is recorded and it will help you avoid any unecessary charges at the end of your stay. 

Sort out your halls Wifi. It's provided by ASK4. If you've already got the app, it'll make things easier.

Go to a halls event. More information here.

Check out Fresher's Fortnight and get involved with what's going on.

Register with the doctor. Derby students will have a chance to do this on Welcome Day. Alternatively ring 01332 667911 to make arrangements. Buxton students should ring 01298 23298/22338/23019 to organise this.

Get yourself a TV licence. If you plan to watch live TV or use BBC i-player or any other catch up service on any device in your room, you are legally obliged to buy a TV licence. You can buy a licene onlineor on Welcome Day at Kedleston Road. 

Halls are more than just a place to stay.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in your fisrt few weeks at University. There'a a lot of information to take in, different people to meet and a new home and city to get familiar with. It's not surprising that many Freshers can feel overwhelmed and homesick. Remember this is all perfectly normal and to be expected.We have a wealth of experinec in helpiong you. Our staff are friendly and approachable and are genuinely here to help, so if anything's on your mind talk to us.

We've put together a checklist of thinkgs which will help you settle into University life:

  • Make a real effort to get along with your flatmates. It'll pay off in the long run. Find out more here.
  • Organise a flat meeting and draw up a cleaning rota. It might seem boring and awkward but you'll be glad you bothered. So start as you mean to go on We've made it easy for you- youll finad a template in your kitchen. 
  • Get involved with your Union of Students. It's a great way to meet new people and discover a new hobby.
  • Explore your local area. There's loads going on in Derby and Buxton.
  • Eat properly. You don't have to be a masterchef to stay healthy. Baked beans, eggs, porridge and pasta are all nutritious and cheap standard student food. Why not sign yourself up for one of the halls cooking demos to get some easy recipes and bag yourself some free ingredients at the same time?
  • Budget. Make sure you have a rough idea of what you're spending each week so your finances don't get out of control. It's common to spend more during the first few weeks when there's lot's going on. Talk to your Hall Manager or the Student Money and Rights Team (SMART) if you're having problems. 
  • Keep on top of your coursework. There are lots of resources available to help you with your coursework. Make the most of the librariesand study spaces on campus. And when you're working to deadlines, make sure you don't leave it all till the last minute. 
  • Talk to someone about any problems.  Our door is always open. Speak to your Hall manager or contact Student Wellbeing on extension 3000 for Derby or 4414 for Buxton.
  • Keep in touch. Your family and friends will be wondering how you're getting on so keep them posted. Remember you can have a friend to stay with you in halls if you want to, so you can still keep in touch with your mates from back home.

Our halls events programme starts from the moment you arrive with a free Welcome Brunch on Sunday 16 September from 11am to 1pm in your common room. Look out for the calendar of events in your room when you get here, stick it on your wall and sign up to the stuff you are interested in to avoid missing out.

Coming to a halls event is a fantastic way to meet your neighbours and get to know everyone at your hall. Our social reps are always on hand (wearing grey and yellow hoodies) so make sure you look out for them. They're here to make sure you make the most of your time in halls so get involved!



Halls staff - here to support you!

There's always a member of staff on site to support and help you and you can contact them either in person via the Hall Manager's office or by calling the 24 hour hall mobile number which you'll be given on arrival.

  • Hall Managers are responsible for the running of each hall and you can go to them with any problems you may have. Outside of the Hall Manager's working hours you can go to Residential Assistants.
  • Residential Assistants are working students who assist Hall Managers and are in the office outside of a Hall Manager's working hours. 
  • Community Supervisors are on duty in the evenings to early mornings (9pm - 5am) to make sure that you are safe and secure.
  • Cleaners clean all the communal areas in student flats once a week.
  • Caretakers and maintenance staff assist the Hall manager with the general upkeep and maintenance of each hall.
  • Social reps and the Halls Events Co-ordinator run events for all hall students, from cookery classes to trips to Alton Towers. Chat to them about your suggestions for events or to find out what's going on.
  • The staff at the Student Housing Centre (Derby campus only) is based at Nunnery Court and deals with all room applications, allocations and rent related matters.  The administrative staff at High Peak Halls offer this support and help to the Buxton campus. 



We can't stress enough, how important it is to be conscious of fire safety. All our halls of residence have comprehensive fire safety systems in place:

  • The fire alarms at every hall are tested once a week on a particular day. Check the notice in your kitchen to find out when. 
  • Heat and smoke sensors constantly monitor the environment.
  • Fire doors are there to prevent the spread of fire so please do not prop them open.
  • Every flat is provided with fire fighting equipment including fire blankets and extinguishers.
  • Certain dangerous items are forbidden in halls for fire sfatey reasons. They are oil lamps,chip pans,electric or gas heaters, candles and incense sticks and anything else with a flame. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in halls. There are designated smoking shelters outside halls.
  • We will charge any individuals who tamper with fire equipment or fail to evacuate during a fire alarm.

We recommend that hall residents take the following fire safety precautions:

  • Evacuate the building straight away if you hear the fire alarm.
  • Stay with your cooking. According to the fire service, the most common causes of domestic fires are unattended cooking and grill pan fires. If your cooking is smoky,open the kitchen windows or use the extractor fan. Never prop the kitchen doors open as you'll just set the fire alarm off.
  • Turn off adaptors and chargers when you go out as they can overheat. Read advice about e-cigarette chargers.
  • Never plug one extension lead into another. This is extremely dangerous and is one of the main causes of electrical fires.
  • Never use an appliance with exposed wires and make sure it has the correct size fuse.
  • If you think any electrical equipment in your hall is faulty, switch it off.  If it belongs to the university, report it. All electrical items provided by your hall are regularly PAT tested.

Click here for more fire safety advice.

All of our halls have CCTV, intercom door security, fob entry systems and night time security staff.

For further information about how you can protect yourself from crime visit Crimestoppers.

There are lots of policies and procedures in halls that may affect you directly. It's a good idea to have a rough idea of the rules and regulations that govern your time in halls, so you know your rights and responsibilties and behave fairly in relation to other residents. 

Read more about policies and procedures here.

Read about your rights and responsibilties in the 2018/19 Handbook.


Two students on the balance bar at trampoline park

Halls events and activities programme

From bingo to barbecues, day trips to paddle-boarding, there's something for everyone and many events are completely free to halls residents.

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Students socialising in a group
Your Halls facebook page will keep you up to date with the events and activities programme.

Keep connected

While you're living in halls it's worth keeping in touch with what's going on on halls social media. Take a look at our Twitter page and visit your halls facebook page and use it to message staff with non urgent queries and find out what's happening on the events programme.

Find your halls facebook page here:

Agard Court

Cathedral Court

Peak Court

Sir Peter Hilton Court

Princess Alice Court

Nunnery Court

St Christopher's Court

Flamsteed Court

High Peak Halls, Buxton

Another way to keep in the loop with what's going on is by checking out the Student Living residents' website. As well as providing information about student offers, tips and advice and what's going on on campus, the website has a special welcome section.

We hope you enjoy your time at halls and we're here to help you every step of the way!