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"Hello, my name's Lisa Varley, I'm the residence life coordinator for Student Living Derby. I'm here from Darley Bank today, so this is one of our accommodation centres of which we've got many across the city that offer different facilities and suit different budgets."

We see the outside of Darley Bank outdoors. Inside, student Tamzin Burch knocks on a door. A hall manager opens it to reveal a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. We follow the camera into the kitchen where some students are sitting at a table, they wave.

Lisa continues:

"So we have both en suite accommodation and standard accommodation."

We see students enjoying events such as quiz nights, bingo and day trips.

"My job is to put together the events programme throughout the year from September to July. Events in the common room such as bingo nights quiz nights and then we also do day trips to London, Alton Towers and various other cities, Christmas markets etc."

We see students jumping onto an airbag at a trampoline park.

"We're absolutely thrilled to welcome you in September, we cannot wait to see you."

The video ends with a screen of the University of Derby three peaks logo. 

Audio described version of student life this September video

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