Residence Life programme in halls 2021 video transcript and audio description

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Upbeat music plays throughout.
A group of students in a common room laughing and chatting. Another group of students clink glasses and smile. Students watch and participate in a Halloween show at Alton Towers

Meet New People

People play basketball, a student plays the tombola, students jump on trampolines.

Learn New Skills

Several students together in a kitchen, preparing and chopping food. Two students look over the parapet of a castle. We see two students on a log flume laughing.

Try New Things

People sitting on a coach, cheering. Students have a discussion and laugh together in a common room. Social reps in their uniform, laughing and joking while sitting on the edge of a pool table.

Make new friends

A student does a somersault over another student on a trampoline. Students eat pizza. Moving street view out of a coach windscreen. Students get off a bus and being handed leaflets by social reps. Two girls chatting on a tube train. Students jumping over a rotating bar on an inflatable platform. People playing netball in a gym. Someone scores a goal while playing indoor football.

Join the fun

Get together

Students sit round a table having tea and cakes. We see a cake stand full of cakes next to a teacup.

Make new memories

Get involved

Students being split into groups for an activity. Sports team sitting on the floor drinking water together. Several people jump up and down on trampolines indoors.

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The music ends.
University of Derby three peaks logo shows against a mint green background. 

Audio described version of Residence Life programme in halls 2021 video

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