Cleaning charges

Cleaning your flat before you leave will save you money. If you haven’t cleaned these areas before you leave we’ll charge you. Cleaning charges for particular areas of the kitchen and bathroom can range from £25 - £55 and can soon mount up. The minimum charge per person is £25. Student Living will base these charges on the key return dates.

Redecoration charges

Allowances will be made for normal wear and tear but charges will be made for unreasonable damage. Redecoration costs for particular areas of the flat range from £180 - £320 and can soon mount up.

Replacement/repair of items

Items such as fire signs, health and safety notices, door numbers, fixtures, fittings, upholstery, TVs, DVD players mattresses and chairs may need to be replaced or repaired if they are found to be damaged. Charges will be made at cost plus VAT at 20%.

Loss of keys

If you do not return your room key, access fob, car parking fob and bike shed key when you leave you will be charged in line with Student Living policies and procedures.

Paying cleaning and damage costs

When you leave halls a member of staff will check your flat. Any damaged or missing items will be checked against the inventory you completed on arrival and the room history we have. If damage has occurred during your tenancy which is over and above normal wear and tear we will calculate the cost of repairing this damage. Your Hall Manager will write and let you know if you have incurred any charges.

If there are no charges, you will not be contacted

You will be given 30 days from the date of the letter to pay or query any costs with your Hall Manager. Any queries about costs should only be made in writing and addressed to your Hall Manager.

How to pay

You can pay in two different ways:

Failure to pay

Failure to pay any costs you have incurred may lead to legal recovery action being taken and may affect your enrolment for the next academic year.