Advanced Booking payment

Why you need to pay this when you apply

When you apply for a room in halls you must pay an Advanced Booking Payment of £100.  This is an advance on your first term's rent and is needed to secure your booking. The £100 is then deducted from your first instalment of rent.

Applying for halls and the Advanced Booking Payment

So that we can progress your application more quickly, we ask that you waive your right to cancel within the normal 14 days cooling off period. This will allow us to send you an Offer of Accommodation, let you know where you are living and how much your room is going to cost at the earliest opportunity.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Pre-service Booking Agreement which is the first part of the application process, you are letting us know that you are committed to applying and we are committed to processing your application as speedily as we can; usually within a few working days.

As we are going to work on your behalf to get you a room, we ask you to agree that if you do decide to cancel after we have offered you a room, that we are justified in deducting reasonable costs of £50 from the £100 Advanced Booking Payment. If you carry on and accept our offer and move into our halls, we will give you the full £100 back by deducting it from your first terms rent, so you get all of it back. If you decline your offer or cancel after accepting the offer, we will again ask that you accept that we can deduct our reasonable administrative costs of £50.