Joint Honours Welcome Week 23-27 September 2019

Your first week with us will be the time when you find out about the University and about studying on Joint Honours. You'll meet academic and support staff who'll be important to you during your study and you'll start to find your way around the University so that you will be ready for the start of teaching on Monday 30 September.

You should have already received a letter and a timeline for the first few weeks, along with a hard copy of the induction events happening for your 2 subjects. If you've not received your letter, don't worry.  We can send you another copy by email - contact  

We've asked you to keep checking back on this website because it's where we'll publish room information for your 2 subject inductions.

You may see compulsory sessions that are the same repeated for each of your subjects e.g. a College Welcome or Library Tour.  These will have some similar content, but are contextualised for the College of both your subjects.  It's useful for you to attend both, but you do have a choice.  We need you to attend at least one of them. 

Subject induction information

To help you find your way around, our room numbers always start with their locations, for example, E616 is on the 6th Floor of East Tower:

  • E is East Tower, Kedleston Road
  • B is B Block, Kedleston Road
  • T is T Block, Kedleston Road
  • N is North Tower, Kedleston Road
  • K is the Kirtley Building, Kedleston Road
  • OL1 and OL2 are on the balcony above the shops in the Atrium at Kedleston Road
  • Heap Lecture Theatre is down the corridor from Blends Coffee Shop in the Atrium at Kedleston Road
  • MS is our Markeaton Street site
  • OFGS (One Friar Gate Square) is our Law building in the city centre
  • BM is our Britannia Mill site
  • Theatre is our Derby Theatre city centre site in the INTU shopping centre

If you need to travel between sites, there's a regular, free shuttle bus (the Number 4) and there are Unibuses to and from the University which will take you into the city centre, free of charge if you show your student ID card.

Before Welcome Week you can contact us at or ring 01332 59xxxx.

During Welcome Week, we will have a stand in the Atrium where you can talk to current Joint Honours students and ask any questions. 

We will also have Joint honours Academic Advisers available from 12-2pm in room N105.  They'll be there each week day from Monday 23rd September to Friday 4th October, no need to book an appointment, you can just drop in to see them.  

Here at Derby we have 5 Colleges.  They are:

  • Arts, Humanities & Education
  • Business Law & Social Sciences 
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Health & Social Care 
  • Life & Natural Sciences

Your Joint Honours subjects will be part of a College.  You may be studying subjects within the same College, or you may be studying subjects which are in 2 Colleges.  Here's a handy list of which Colleges each of the Joint Honours subjects belong to. 

 Joint Honour Subject College of ...
 AccountingBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 American StudiesArts, Humanities & Education
 AnalyticsEngineering & Technology
 Architectural DesignEngineering & Technology
 BiologyLife & Natural Sciences
 Business EnterpriseBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 Business ManagementBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 Creative & Professional WritingArts, Humanities & Education
 Child & Family Health & WellbeingHealth & Social Care
 Counselling & Psychotherapy P & PHealth & Social Care
 CriminologyBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 Dance & Movement StudiesHealth & Social Care
 Early Childhood StudiesArts, Humanities & Education
 EconomicsBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 Education StudiesArts, Humanities & Education 
 EnglishArts, Humanities & Education 
 English LanguageArts, Humanities & Education 
 Film & Television StudiesArts, Humanities & Education 
 GeographyLife & Natural Sciences
 GeologyLife & Natural Sciences 
 Global DevelopmentLife & Natural Sciences
 HistoryArts, Humanities & Education 
 Human Resource ManagementBusiness, Law & Social Sciences 
 International Relations & DiplomacyBusiness, Law & Social Sciences 
 Journalism Arts, Humanities & Education 
 LawBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 MarketingBusiness, Law & Social Sciences 
 MathematicsEngineering & Technology 
 Media StudiesArts, Humanities & Education 
 PhotographyArts, Humanities & Education 
 PoliticsBusiness, Law & Social Sciences
 Popular Music ProductionArts, Humanities & Education 
 Popular Music in SocietyArts, Humanities & Education 
 Property DevelopmentEngineering & Technology 
 PsychologyLife & Natural Sciences 
 PublishingArts, Humanities & Education 
 SociologyBusiness, Law & Social Sciences 
 Sport & Exercise StudiesLife & Natural Sciences 
 Theatre StudiesArts, Humanities & Education 
 ZoologyLife & Natural Sciences

Here's a snapshot of some of the key activities which will happen over your first year of study.  

Click here to view the timeline