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Keep it secure

Keeping your PC secure has become more important now than ever before. Online identity theft has been placed at around £1000 per victim.

Every year there are numerous cases where student's devices containing important coursework have become infected.  This leaves the student unable to hand in work and needing to spend the time recreating it.

Follow these steps to keep secure:

  • Only open emails from people you know and be careful opening attachments or clicking links.  These links may take you to malicious sites.
  • Use unique passwords.  Have a look at using password manager.
  • Keep your device and applications up to date.  Most importantly, an up to date browser will protect you from most dangers on the internet.
  • Install an anti-virus product and enable your firewall.  The University has an agreement that all students can install Trend Micro worth £30*.
  • For your most important sites, enable 2 factor authentication.  This means that if people obtain your password, they will not be able to login without something you have, eg your phone.
  • Lastly, keep copies of your documents.  Microsoft OnDrive can be setup to automatically copy the file into the 'cloud'.

    *To download the software for free you will need to register with the Trend Micro online store using your University email account.  For more information on Trend Micro and for details on how to access the store visit our Trend Micro page.