When logging a call you will need ... - IT Services for staff - University of Derby

When logging a call you will need ...

  • The UOD number of the PC you are reporting the fault about. To find your UOD number double-click on the 'Who Am I' icon on your desktop. Look for 'Computer Name' in the window that opens, the number will begin with UOD, this is the number the Service Centre need.
  • Your contact details including a phone number.
  • What are the symptoms of the problem/what error messages are you receiving?
  • A screenshot of the problem (see our Screenshot Guide).
  • What basic checks have you carried out (see below)? 

 The basic checks you can make are

  • Have you asked any of your colleagues to see if they're experiencing the same or a similar problem?
  • Have you restarted your machine?
  • If the problem is related to either a mouse, keyboard or network issue, have you made sure that all your cables are connected securely?
  • If the problem seems to be related to your password, have you tried to logon to another machine?

If you are still experiencing problems after completing the above checks, please log a call.