Staff SCCM and CloudPaging - Information Technology Services - University of Derby

Staff SCCM and CloudPaging

IT Services are moving towards 'Cloud' based application deployment throughout the staff and student estate.

Student areas already have this facility and it is being expanded on all the time.

We are about to start migrating staff PCs and laptops to this system which will enable us to offer a much improved service for application deployment moving forward.


How will this happen?

There is no need for you to do anything as the process will be run in the background and you can use your PC as normal.


How will I know when to use CloudPaging?

When you see the 'UoD Software Portal' icon on your desktop you will be able to use CloudPaging applications.  To do this simply double click on the icon and wait for the player to open.


Where is the UoD Software Icon?


As a part of the migration this icon will be removed as it points to the previous system which is being phased out.


My application is not in CloudPaging?

Some applications cannot be put into CloudPaging for technical, security or licencing reasons.  Applications such as PeopleTools, Oracle and Panopto would be good examples.

A new location to find these deployments will occur at the same time as CloudPaging arrives on your desktop.

1 Click on the start menu icon

2 Select 'All Programs'

3 The select 'Microsoft System Centre'

4 Then double click 'Software Center' to see all available applications


Office 365

As part of the CloudPaging migration all staff PCs currently running Office 2010 will be upgraded to Office 2013.