Programme: Corporate Management Team led - IT Projects Portfolio - University of Derby

Corporate Management Team (CMT) led

Cashless Printing and Photocopying 

Project Manager: Oliver Betts-Richards 

Project Status: Handover and Closure

The University was required to implement the DocuPRO printing system to provide a better quality of printing to students and staff at less cost to the students and the business.

The scope of this project will be to deliver the DocuPRO payment portal, a suite of multi-functional devices across the University’s estate and a suite of DocuPRO cash loaders.


N3 Network

Project Manager: James Eaglesfield 

Project Status: Delivery 

The College of Health and Social Care delivers a wide range of Health and Social Care related programmes of study. The Kedleston Road Campus, Derby, includes a Clinical Skills Suite where health-related students can be taught in a realistic hospital setting. Located in the same area is the Health, Lifestyle & Rehabilitation Centre where private diagnostic imaging and (soon) counselling services are delivered. The College's plans include an expansion of the existing services to be delivered to the NHS and an expansion of Health and Social Care related research practice. The Health theme of this part of the campus continued by the co-location of a GP Practice providing NHS services to University students.

The clinical network will be a separate stand-alone network with all the associated services to meet the NHS Information Governance regime. The University's internal IT Services department is leading the project to deliver these services and now needs to procure them.


Apprenticeships Systems

Project Manager: Su Taylor

Project Status: Delivery

This project has several critical path elements. The first involves setting up a system which provides both e-portfolio functionality to track knowledge, skills and behaviours for the Apprenticeship program, but also provides tracking and reporting of whether a learner is on track.

The second element involves the development of our student record system to collect additional information for our Apprenticeship students. This is to enable storage of information for day to day operational use and to collate information for the ILR (Individualised Learner Record) return. We have also developed a report which creates the ILR return. The third element is to provide a portal to communicate relevant information to our Apprenticeship students.