Programme: BI, HR & Finance - IT Projects Portfolio - University of Derby

Business Intelligence, HR & Finance

HR System

Project Manager: Ruth Allen

Project Status: Discovery 

The current Human Resource Management System was tendered in 2002 and operational reasons have led to this now being re-tendered. The IT, Human Resources (HR), Finance and Payroll departments have been working together to define requirements and explore options to tender the requirement. The UoD (University of Derby) require a modern system, either in-house or cloud-based, which provides core functionality to administer and maintain HR core activities, as well as to ensure a replacement payroll system. The UoD expect the replacement system to be intuitive, easy to use and to seamlessly integrate into UoD environment and architecture. The UoD expect the replacement system to be value for money. The UoD plan the implementation of the replacement system to occur in 2018, with a delivery date before January 2019.


Predictive Modelling

Project Manager: Chrissie Felthouse

Project Status: Initiate and Design

As part of the University’s strategy to broaden the use of analytics (to enhance business processes and decision making), a proof of concept was conducted by staff and students within the College of Engineering and Technology. The outcome of the proof of concept was the ability to use key attributes of UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) applications to predict the likelihood conversion of each applicant. Next steps for this project will be to utilise the delivered predictions as part of Marketing’s overall conversion activity and expand on the model to a) incorporate non-UCAS applicants and b) increase the number of attributes used in order to refine the predictions.


Space Planning Phase II

Project Manager: Chrissie Felthouse

Project Status: Delivery

As part of the Business Intelligence Program of works, a Space Planning Analytics project was launched in order to create an improved static Space Reporting tool along with a new Space Modelling tool. Phase 1 saw the delivery of “planned usage” reports utilising timetabling data and allowed the team to produce automated and robust occupancy and frequency of user reports for all timetabled space. Phase 2 will see the expansion of this to incorporate “actual usage” utilising data from TDS Attendance Monitoring (student attendance monitoring software) and PeopleCounting to create automated utilisation reports. The improved space reporting tool will enhance our ability to assess the current usage of the University's estate and allow to make more informed decisions on the use of our space.


StREAM Foundation Service

Project Manager: Becca de Ville

Project Status: Discovery

This project provides predictive analytics on student performance, retention and attainment. During Phase 1 the supplier will deliver a Foundation Service which will assess the University's 'readiness' for a full solution (as part of Discovery Phase). It will also provide a dashboard for tutors and students to view contact points and compare them against other students and University averages, so that tutors can interfere if there are any concerns from the data, in an attempt to support students and improve retention and performance.