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Business Analysis

Here in the IT Portfolio Office, we are passionate about Business Analysis. We have remarkably dedicated team members who continually innovate and promote more strategic business thinking within the University when investigating new IT system and process improvements. The Business Analyst (BA) works to define a project better so that our talented and dedicated project managers can deliver industry-leading systems and business solutions that better suit the needs of our internal customers and our students.

In ITPO we also like to get involved in each other’s business, in that we support each other to give the best possible service and wherever needed, we will sometimes cross skill between business analysis techniques and project management. All of our team have the opportunity to hone their skills in their area but also keep brushed up with the last best practice across the two disciplines should the need arise to turn our hand at something a little different from our day to day. Our business analysis specific skills use relevant professional techniques such as process modelling, requirements elicitation and engineering, user stories and facilitated workshops to get to the underlying issues that need to be addressed. It’s not always easy to challenge, but we know that by doing so we will get the best outcomes for our students.

We work within business analysis and project management frameworks, but due to the eclectic nature of the projects we get involved in, we have the opportunity for some creative thinking and have the ability to tailor our approaches to ensure the best possible solution for the University and students. We get to work and collaborate with external technology providers and consultants, project managers, end-users (staff and students), technical teams in IT and all teams in the wider University on not only specific projects but also to explore new ways of improving the student experience.

As Business Analysts, we are what links the business ideas to the capabilities of our IT technologies and teams, ensuring that we are advocates for the business need whilst ensuring that these harmonise with technological possibilities; always looking to innovate and get creative to meet business objectives and strive to be industry leading. Sometimes these systems may already exist in the University, sometimes we may have to explore externally to find new and exciting ones, but we have the skills to know where to look to provide harmonisation between all of our applications.

Please see our BA framework for further information.