CloudPaging - Information Technology Services - University of Derby


How you access software is changing.


CloudPaging is an easy way to access software:

  • On all University Windows based PCs and laptops in the Library, labs and staff machines
  • On your own Windows PC / laptop, on demand, without needing to install it (coming soon)


What exactly is CloudPaging?

CloudPaging is a technology from a company called Numecent that allows applications to be virtualised and delivered on demand to a Windows PC.

The application runs natively on the device making full use of the machines performance capabilities; it’s not a remotely hosted application.


How does CloudPaging work?

The technology delivers the application to the device, in segmented chunks or pages, which are stored locally on the PC.  This paging allows the application to be delivered much more quickly than standard software deployment methods and allows us to offer applications on demand.  An Application can be used once the required amount of pages are downloaded.

The process is simple:

  • We 'cloudify' the application
  • Publish it on our servers
  • Deliver it on demand to our users.

For a more detailed explanation visit Numecent - What is CloudPaging.


How will this change my experience in the University Labs / Library?

When you log onto a machine, you can click the UOD Software Portal Icon on the desktop or go to the UOD Software List chose the software you need and click launch.  You can search for the application or scroll through the list.


You can check the Start Menu on the machine first if you like but it has been found that most users just go straight to the web page.  If the application has already been delivered to the machine it will launch immediately, if it’s the first time it’s been requested, when you click launch you’ll see the CloudPaging Player start up, virtualise and then run the application.


I'm a member of staff, how does this affect me?

Staff applications will be moving to the new system also, so you will just need to follow the above.  Some applications might need our traditional delivery, but these are few and far between.

For more information click HERE.


Bring your own device

Whilst on University premises, if the application license allows you to use the software on your own device it’ll appear with the list on the portal, if not it’ll be greyed out.

In the near future we’ll be offering this service to users connecting from offsite, so if the license allows it you can access software on demand from home to your PC/laptop.

When you first access the portal from your own device, you’ll be asked to install the CloudPaging Player.  Allow this to install in order to access the applications available on demand.


I have an Apple Mac will I be able to use CloudPaging?

Currently Apple isn't supported but CloudPaging will work on a virtualised Windows running on Parallels, VMware Fusion or Boot Camp.