What to bring with you - Travelling here - University of Derby

Here's a checklist of the things you must bring with you

Documents and Paperwork

  • Your passport
  • Your student visa, if you need one 
  • All your travel documents including flight tickets, transfer information, travel insurance 
  • Accommodation confirmation 
  • Your offer letter from the university
  • Copy of your CAS document
  • The qualifications you used to obtain your offer – these should be originals
  • Evidence of your medical insurance, if necessary 
  • Evidence of your ability to support yourself financially (bank statement or similar), if necessary
  • Your chest x-ray and vaccination certificates, if necessary

Study Materials

  • Laptop
  • Books for your course, if necessary
  • Stationery e.g. notebooks, pens
  • Planner or diary
  • USB data sticks 

Personal Items

  • Money – it’s a good idea to have money in bank notes or coins for when you arrive, we suggest £200 to see you through until you can open your bank account, however, we don’t advise you to bring more than £400 
  • Travellers cheques or another form of money for the rest of your stay
  • A phone card or mobile phone – don’t forget to have your important numbers too! 
  • Alarm clock
  • Appropriate clothing – it can get cold in the UK 
  • Bed linen and pillows – these are provided free of charge for international students staying in halls
  • Kitchenware – these are provided free of charge for international students staying in halls
  • Towels
  • Medicine
  • Photos of family and friends or items of personal value to you – it can be difficult being away from home 

What not to bring

There are strict rules about what you can bring into the UK, especially with regards to food. You should make sure that you check these before you come and declare any items you need to.

 The penalties could be they take the items away and you have severe delays or possibly have criminal charges. For further information look at https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods.