Applying for aid - US Federal Loan - University of Derby

Applying for aid – what you need to do

Step 1: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):


Please ensure you list the University of Derby on the FAFSA, our Federal School Code is: 037283. The FAFSA collects information from the student and their spouse (if applicable) or their parents if dependent.

*This must be completed each academic year

Please contact us using the details below to confirm that you have completed the FAFSA:

Primary Destination Point Administrator

Ashley Slater

International Department
Room B001
Kedleston Road

Tel: +44 1332592055

Following completion of your FAFSA you will receive a Student Aid Record (SAR)

Step 2: Ensure that as a borrower you have familiarised yourself with:

  • The loan terms and conditions
  • Repayment plan options
  • The details on your SAR are correct

Information about the T&C’s/repayment options can be found here: (

Step 3: Ensure as a borrower you have carried out and submitted evidence to us of:

Entrance Counselling: (

*This must be completed for every new first time borrower.

Step 4: Complete and submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN) for each type of loan you wish to borrow and for each new academic year:

The MPN must be completed by all loan applicants prior to the disbursement of any funds by  the University of Derby. The MPN is a legally binding document between the borrower and the lender which details your rights and responsibilities as a lender. The MPN is also where you agree to repay the loan and accrued interest to the U.S. Department of Education.

Step 5: Complete the Cost of Attendance (COA) spreadsheet:

We will email this to you when you have confirmed completion of your FAFSA. You will need to complete the COA by placing figures within it of how much it will cost you to study at the University of Derby and what you are eligible for.

Information on the loan limits can be found here: the total amount of money you apply for should not exceed your Cost of Attendance.

Step 6: Contact us by email to confirm your intention to borrow submitting the following:

  • Your completed Cost of Attendance
  • Your Master Promissory Note
  • Your Entrance Counselling Certificate

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