Cost of living - Student life - University of Derby

The cost of living

The cost of living for students in Derby is very reasonable, and much cheaper than in many larger cities

But remember that everybody funds their cost of living differently, and that some people spend more money on one thing than others do. Some items, such as clothes, can vary in price according to where you buy them. For example, you can buy a pair of basic denim jeans from a supermarket for around £5, but a pair of designer jeans from a fashionable city shop could cost over £50.

Using a different currency can be confusing

Prepare your finances before you get here, it is best to look at your budget before you arrive. It is difficult to get financial support when you are here in the UK so plan ahead on how you can manage your money to avoid getting into debt when you are here. The International Student Calculator is a good tool to help you do this. 

Once you are here you should open a bank account and ask to speak to their student accounts manager about the best account for you. You can get advice about your finances from the International Student Welfare Advisor or our Student Money and Advice Team (SMART) who are here to help you. 

Check what this will be in your own currency using this Currency converter


Here are approximate costs for a single student

 Average cost per week in £ Sterling
Rent (including heating, lighting and water) £100
Food £40
Travel to University per week on Unibus £10
Study costs and books £10
Mobile Phone £8
Skype Free
Clothing, socialising and entertainment £40
Total £208

Here are some average individual costs to consider

T-shirt £10
Shirt/blouse £20
Trousers £25
Winter coat £60
Pair of shoes £30
Books £20
CD or DVD £10
Newspaper £0.50
Hairdresser £30 for ladies, £10 for men
Glass of wine or pint of beer £3.50
Restaurant meal £15 per head 
Cinema ticket £8
Concert ticket £30