College of H&SC Travel Bursaries

College of H&SC Travel Bursaries


The College of Health and Social Care are offering support to their full-time students to undertake a study abroad experience as part of their University experience. This is a separate opportunity to any Erasmus + or central University schemes for overseas travel and study.


Studying abroad may help further widen your personal outlook, global awareness, level of expertise and transferable skills and knowledge that you can provide to future employers.


A student study abroad experience will typically consist of one of the following:

•             Attendance at an international conference

•             Taking part in an intensive study programme with a partner institution  

•             Undertaking an overseas placement with a recognised provider


Support will include discussion with your Programme Leader (or authorised deputy) to agree the intended learning outcomes and develop a shared risk assessment for the study abroad experience.


If your application is approved, you’ll be awarded:

•             Up to £200 for a European study experience

•             Up to £400 for a Global study experience  


Application Deadlines for 2017/18 Academic Year:

1 February 2018

1 April 2018

1 June 2018


Stages of the application process:

1.Discuss intention and appropriateness to study abroad with Programme Leader (or authorised deputy).

2.Completion of form SA1 (student study abroad award – non Erasmus funded) & SA2 (risk assessment) – together with Programme Leader (or authorised deputy).

3.Student to submit form SA1 & SA2 to

4.Consideration of application by College International Lead.

5.Decision notification via email.

6.Approved applications will receive form SA3 (payment details) together with a unique reference number.

7.Student to submit form SA3 in person to College of Health & Social Care Finance, B122, Kedlestson Road site, Derby Campus or email

8.Payment actioned by College Finance. 

9.Undertake study abroad.

10.Student to provide Programme Leader (or deputy) an agreed output from their study abroad experience.


*Please note - any award is subject to the available funding allocation for your Discipline area. Additionally, if you interrupt your studies, withdraw, or fail to complete your study abroad the University may need to reclaim all, or part, of any payments you receive.



Download application forms here: Study Abroad Application Form SA1SA2 Version 17-18