Theresa Goldsmith - Meet our students - University of Derby

Developing patient-led management plans

Theresa Goldsmith completed her MSc Advanced Practice through the LBR scheme

“I work with patients with complex long term conditions, offering advanced health assessments to develop patient-led management plans. Ultimately the aim is to reduce inappropriate acute admissions to hospital.

Providing a strategic overview

Although it's a 'hands on' job, I need to have a strategic overview of health economics and governance within the NHS. The MSc Advanced Practice has provided me with a sound basis on which to progress my knowledge. The 'Advanced Assessment', 'Diagnostics' and 'Mental Health' modules have given me in-depth specialist knowledge in practical areas. And modules such as 'Organisational Wide Approaches to Quality' and 'Work Based Learning' have helped me gain a wider understanding of the political issues impacting on health.

This knowledge has empowered me to challenge established practices on the patients' behalf, and to be instrumental in making changes to improve provision. An example of this is the Virtual Ward project, which promotes patient choice and enables them to lead on their healthcare in the environment they choose.

Helping my career

Studying the MSc Advanced Practice has contributed to my ongoing development within my role and has helped me to work towards the target of proactively managing, and improving, the care of patients with long term conditions."