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Diagnostic Radiography Some of the best facilities you'll find in any university Bringing theory and practice together

Providing a modern training environment for you is important to us, and Derby boasts some of the best facilities you'll find in any university. Our Clinical Skills Suite really does bring theory and practice together, and below you can see some of the facilities housed in our Clinical Skills Suite for Radiography.

Diagnostic Imaging room

Diagnostic imaging suite box 120

Our new digital radiography room was a significant investment in facilities by the University. We upgraded our old computed radiography room to a brand new state of the art digital room with PACS connectivity. The room is used extensively for simulation to underpin teaching in the pre-registration radiography programmes (BSc and MSc). Simulation is carried out using our phantom’s, which allow students to practice their radiographic technique. We also use a stryker trolley, which is a type of trolley commonly used in emergency departments in simulation activities, to build student confidence in dealing with trauma patients. 

Ultrasound training room

Our ultrasound training room houses two ultrasound machines, used to practice scanning techniques. One of the machines is a portable ultrasound scanner, and used extensively for simulation.

iDXA, DXA and heel scanners

Our iDXA scanner offer the latest technology for accurately imaging bone density and body composition. The iDXA scanner uses x-rays to provide a high resolution digital image of a full body composition and bone density. The dose from the scan is minimal, and can detail tissue, fat, lean muscle mass and bone mineral content by region

Ultrasound Simulation Suite

Ultrasound Simulation Suite 120

Our ultrasound simulation suite contains six workstations, which are used to provide our ultrasound students with key basic scanning skills in a safe environment, before they scan real patients in clinical practice. The systems use haptics, which simulate real-life responses to scanning, even giving a shout if the action the student has taken with the probe would have hurt! In addition to our suite at the Kedleston Road campus, we also have a further two workstations at our Chesterfield campus.