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Talia Padilla

Where have you been working since graduation?

I am currently working in Mexico at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, in the palliative care of children aged 1-18 with cancer. I have focused my work here around body image, since it is common for these children to feel disconnected to their body, especially those who have undergone limb amputation. I’m also doing research within the hospital in partnership with the Universidad de Guadalajara, where I also work, on a Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) group with bereaved parents who have lost children.

What other projects or research are you involved in?

Along with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist from the hospital, I devised an eight week programme integrating DMP and CBT, through which we can measure resilience, depression and anxiety levels. Currently we’re working with our third group and will continue to gather data, ready to be published in spring of next year.

At the Universidad de Guadalajara, I teach a number of classes and run a variety of different workshops, such as a KMP rhythms workshop for parents and kids from birth to six year olds. This helps them to recognise rhythms and understand their child’s emotional, psychological and developmental needs.

Do you teach anything else relevant to your degree?

I also teach a movement observation workshop for dance and drama students, and many one-day workshops that introduce DMP to psychology students. I’m also involved in a 10 month programme which will act as an introduction to DMP. This will be for registered psychologists who might wish to integrate DMP techniques into their current work. Finally, at the University of Guadalajara, there is a centre for children with special educational needs (autism, behavioural problems, ADHD, etc.) where I see children between 3-8 years of age for group and one-on-one DMP sessions. Here I give workshops for parents on emotions and the body.