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What our students say

Jess Williams, BSc (Hons) Specialist Community Public Health Nursing Jess Williams, BSc (Hons) Specialist Community Public Health Nursing graduate "I would recommend this course at Derby as it adequately prepares you for practice and the aspects of the role that you will encounter when qualified."

Eithne Gallagher, graduate

"I have enjoyed this course and it has prepared me for a career as a district nurse. It's an intense course and requires a lot of work, but the subjects covered have given me a varied knowledge base and have assisted me to develop and progress into this new role. There is a lot of support from the university and the practice teachers during the year to assist you in moving from a community staff nurse to a district nurse."

BSc (Hons) Community Specialist Practice

Theresa Goldsmith, graduate

"The MSc Advanced Practice has provided me with a sound basis on which to progress my knowledge. It has also contributed to my ongoing development within my role and has helped me to work towards the target of proactively managing, and improving, the care of patients with long term conditions."

MSc Advanced Practice

Michelle Stephenson, graduate

Michelle Stephenson

“I came back as I want a fresh start as my children are older and more independent. I always intended to return and I now know that I can manage the balance between working shifts and life outside of work. The NHS is different to when I left and we’ve all had to learn new skills and accept that times have changed and moved on. This is one of the reasons why the course has been so invaluable.”

Return to Practice (Nursing)