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Psychology and counselling suite

This suite combines observation rooms equipped with two-way mirrors and DVD recording equipment with group behavioural observation rooms and specialist counselling rooms.

The psychology suite has two observation suites:

Suite one has two observation rooms connected to a control panel via two-way mirrors with blinds to enable observation of one room at a time. The observation rooms contain microphones and cameras to enable video recording and play back in the control room for teaching and analysis.

Suite two is a large room connected to a control panel via a two-way mirror for observation and group behavioural studies. The group observation room also contains microphones and cameras for recording and playback.

Counselling rooms:

Our Clinical Skills Suite also boasts five consultation rooms dedicated to counselling, which have been designed to incorporate a comfortable and homely environment for patients. The group observation room in the psychology suite can also be booked as a family therapy counselling room.

If you would like further information or you would like to request a booking for this facility, please email us or call us on 01332 592326.