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Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Online Transcript

Graduates awarded a Masters, Undergraduate Degree, Foundation Degree, Advanced Diploma or HND will be issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR). The document is delivered electronically and the system allows the graduate to grant access to any relevant parties (e.g. potential employers or sponsors) to view this secure, authenticated document and confirm the qualification achieved, etc.  To access your HEAR please watch the online video to help you.



What is the HEAR?

The HEAR replaces the Diploma Supplement which was previously supplied by the University and consisted of a statement of achievement (transcript of grades and classification), placement details, any study abroad, the programme learning outcomes, grading scheme etc. The HEAR includes this information and adds the student's extra-curricular engagements that go  beyond the programme and grades detail, to provide an extended picture of the individual, which may aid employability.

The HEAR records their engagement with activities outside the academic curriculum which contribute to the life of the University and the wider community.

Only data verified or monitored by the University or by the Students’ Union is published in the HEAR. Students may also have engaged in other activities outside the University which may have contributed to their personal and professional development but these will be recorded elsewhere, e.g. CV or e-portfolio.


What additional information is provided?

 Section 6.1 of the HEAR includes:

  • Professional and Institutional prizes
  • Details of performance in non-academic contexts, (e.g. the Futures Award or Employer Mentoring Scheme)
  • Other formal roles, (e.g. programme representatives, student ambassadors, student advisors, residential assistants, Student Union roles) for which no recognition is provided in terms of credit.


What does the HEAR mean for you as students/ graduates?

  • Any roles undertaken whilst on your programme will be verified and recorded.  The HEAR is issued on graduation for you to access as an electronic, lifelong document. Email notification will be sent to your Unimail account with details of how to access the report.
  • You will be able to say whether you want specific activities recording or not.
  • You have control of who sees your documents with the potential to send quickly to multiple destinations
  • You may share the document either with an open share or with a particular employer or any other party so that they can view this secure, authenticated document and confirm the award you have received.
  • Following a sharing of the document you can check who has viewed it.
  • You may print a copy of the HEAR but this will include details of where the secure document is held to prove authenticity.


What does the HEAR mean for employers?

  • Ease of authentication - information supplied on application forms or CVs can easily be verified through a simple registration system to view the secure HEAR document on our website.
  • A wide range of information will be available to you including the classification of degree obtained, the details of the programme studied, the grades achieved in particular modules, placement details, prizes and extra-curricular activities. The document may help you in shortlisting or providing information to explore at interview.
  • Waiting time for confirmation of award will be reduced.