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Documents available to verify your higher education achievements.

If your studies with us date from between 1993 to 1997 you'll need to order an Archive Search PRIOR to placing an order for ANY of the documents below. 

You'll need to obtain a reference number by emailing results@derby.ac.uk.  Archive Searches can then be ordered through this link.

Our current charge for an archive search is £10.00


Academic transcript – a breakdown of your academic performance for each year of study. 

Information included:

  • Modules passed
  • Grades achieved
  • Study dates
  • Mode of study  
  • Confirmation of any award made

Order an academic transcript here. Charges apply. Courier delivery available at extra charge. 


Letter of confirmation – an official letter confirming your study at the university.

Information included:

  • Programme of study
  • Study dates
  • Confirmation of any award made   

Order a letter of confirmation here. Charges apply. Courier delivery available at extra charge.


Certificate – duplicate/replacement certificate for awards ratified by the university (post 1993).

Information included:

  • Title of award
  • Month and year of award

Order a duplicate/replacement certificate here. Charges apply. Courier delivery available at extra charge.

Please note – Certain professional courses may be studied at the university’s campuses but the awarding body is NOT the University of Derby and therefore we can’t offer replacement documentation.  In addition, in the 1990's we offered some university level courses ratified by institutions other than ourselves, in these circumstances you'd need to apply to the awarding university for a replacement certificate.   If in any doubt please contact graduation@derby.ac.uk prior to ordering.   


Courier delivery of documents

You can order courier delivery (tracked and signed for) of any of the above documents (academic transcript, letter of confirmation and certificate) at additional charge.  If you are ordering more than one document in one order (for example if you've ordered a certficate and transcript) then you only need to pay one courier charge (proivided the documents are being sent to the same address). Please see here for current charges. You'll need a reference number to order a courier (this is just so we can be sure your documents are ready to go) which you can obtain by emailing graduation@derby.ac.uk.             


Services for employers/potential employers

References - with the express consent of the individual concerned, we will confirm in writing to third parties:

  • Programme of study
  • Study dates
  • Confirmation of any award made  

Contact results@derby.ac.uk to apply


Completing your studies in the academic year 2017/2018?

Once you have received confirmation of an award made to you by the relevant assessment board we will produce documentation to support the award.  Usually this is a certificate and a transcript.  

Most students will receive a digital transcript, called a HEAR, within eight weeks of confirmation of award.  HEARs are issued for Masters, Undergraduate Degrees, Foundation Degrees, Advanced Diplomas and HND qualifications.  Other awards will receive a hard copy academic transcript. If you are unsure how to access your HEAR please watch the online video.

If the level of award is eligible for invitation to our awards ceremonies then certificates will be retained for presentation at our ceremonies.  You can find out more about our ceremonies here

If you have a need to have your certificate issued early then please email graduation@derby.ac.uk  You will be asked to provide evidence of your need; circumstances considered include visa requirements, applications for further study, employment opportunities or any other circumstance where it is clearly stated that only the sight of an original certificate will suffice.     


If you’ve any queries about documentation to support an award made to you please contact us at graduation@derby.ac.uk