On the day - Buxton Award Ceremonies - University of Derby

What happens on the day

Be prepared for the day

Please read the timetable for the day carefully.

Make sure you know where you need to be and at what time.


On street parking is available close to the Dome or within town centre car parks.  If students or guests hold a disabled blue badge they can request car parking on campus when ordering tickets.


  • You and your guests will need a ticket to gain admittance to the Dome.
  • Cloakrooms are available for you and your guests to leave coats.
  • Guests may sit anywhere within the guest seating area.
  • All graduands must go to the registration desk to sign in and collect thier numbered seat card.  It's important that graduands take up their allocated place as it reflects the order that names are read out as graduands cross the stage.
  • Make sure you and your guests are seated in the Dome 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

After registration

Once you have registered you'll be informed by the staff where the refreshments are served and where you can collect your gown and have your photographs taken.  If you're attending the church service an announcement will be made when it's time to make your way there.  Please note you will need tickets for the church service, these can be ordered at the same time as your student and guest tickets.  Unfortunatly those without tickets can't be admitted to the church.

Arriving late

If you're late arriving please go straight to the registration desk.  We may be able to change the ceremony listings so that you can cross the stage at the end of the presentation. 

The ceremony

The ceremony begins and ends with processions of Executive, Council, civic dignitaries and academic staff.  As well as the presentation of the graduates, it includes addresses from the Chancellor or Chair of Council and Vice-Chancellor, and the presentation of an honorary degree.  Please stand when the procession enters.

  • Ushers (in maroon gowns) in the Dome will indicate when it's your turn to be presented.
  • You'll be asked to go up in the order of awards, as stated in the programme.  Don't worry, we'll do a final check that you're in the right position before you cross the stage.
  • You should wear your hat as you cross the stage.
  • When your name is read out, please cross the stage slowly and be ready to shake hands with the Chancellor of the University or Chair of Council.
  • You should then continue walking across the stage and down the steps, where you'll be handed your certificate, or letter of congratulations if you've already had your certificate, and then you'll be guided back to your seat.
  • So everyone can enjoy the event we ask you all remain seated for the duration of the ceremony.
  • At the end of the ceremony, please stand while the stage party and University special guests leave the Dome.

After the ceremony

Lunch will be available for those who have purchased tickets in room DOG16/17/18. You can also take this opportunity to take photographs and catch up with your classmates.  Please return your gown to Ede & Ravenscroft before leaving.