responding to requests for information - Guide for staff - University of Derby

Responding to requests for information

Please ensure that IT Services are informed of any requests for information received under the Data Protection Act (DPA) or Freedom of Information Act (FOI). A copy of any response sent should be forwarded to, even if the request has been refused.

If you receive a letter, fax or email asking for information that is readily available in your department then you or your Information Coordinator have to provide a copy of this direct to the enquirer within twenty working days. Alternatively, if the University already publishes the information requested, you or your Information Coordinator have to provide the enquirer with instructions on how to find the information. Usually, it should be enough to direct them to our Publication scheme, available on our website. If you receive a request using a Subject Access Request form, please forward this to your Information Co-ordinator immediately.

If you receive a request where it is not clear what information is being requested, or where you cannot respond and/or do not know where/if the information can be found, or where the request appears to cover potentially problematic or exempt information (for example, information that might contain the personal details of an employee or student), then you should forward the request to your Information Coordinator immediately.