Other relevant issues - Guide for staff - University of Derby

Other relevant issues


The law does permit the University certain exemptions from the usual requirement to respond to information requests. These relate typically to information that may be commercially sensitive and personal information that relates to individuals other than the enquirer. If you receive an information request that covers information that is not in our Publication Scheme and that includes information about individuals (staff, students etc) or commercially sensitive information, then please pass the request to your Information Co-ordinator immediately. NB. The Information Co-ordinator will always take responsibility for refusing any request - refusal should not be undertaken by anyone else.

Complaints and appeals

In any case where the University declines to respond (or fails to respond fully) to an information request, the enquirer does have the right of appeal to the relevant government body. Should anyone complain in writing to you about the nature and/or content of any response you must forward this complaint to your Information Coordinator immediately.


The University has the right to ask an enquirer for more details to clarify their request in cases where it may not be immediately clear what information they require. If you decide to deal with an enquiry you must be sure that you are clear what information you have been asked to provide: if not, ask your Information Coordinator to approach the enquirer for clarification.

Costs and fees

The University is permitted to charge charge fees for any search for any search. The intention of the fee is to cover the costs of the search (ie. staff time and any copying costs). We do not expect departments to charge for enquiries that can be answered by either the provision of a small amount of documentation (ie. less than 50 pages) or by giving the enquirer directions to material in the public domain. Any fee charged must be agreed between your Information Coordinator and the University Data Protection Officer.


The Act does not require us to provide enquirers with specialist statistical information that the University does not normally produce. Hence, general requests for statistics relating to student numbers can be answered by directions to the Planning and Statistics Unit website: www.derby.ac.uk/statistics All other statistical requests should be forwarded to the University Data Protection Officer for consideration, though please note that nearly all such enquiries are likely to be refused.

Organised campaigns

The law allows us to refuse multiple information requests made as part of a campaign. If you receive multiple enquiries of a similar nature you should not refuse to co-operate but you must always inform your Information Co-ordinator, who will be able to take a view on whether a campaign is being instigated and, if so, inform the University Data Protection Officer.