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Fee information

Fees Summary

The Freedom of Information fees provisions have two purposes:

  1. To allow a public authority to ascertain whether it has to comply with an Freedom of Information request.
  2. To enable it to ascertain how much it can charge for supplying the information.

Working out the Appropriate Limit

Upon receiving the request, we will estimate the staff time to be taken to complete any or all of the following and cost the time at £25 per hour (Regulation 4):

  • Determining whether you hold information.
  • Locating the information or a document which may contain the information.
  • Retrieving the information, or a document, which may contain the information.
  • Extracting the information, or a document, which may contain the information.

The basic rules

If the cost of finding the information subject of an FOI request will be:

  • Below £450: No charge will be made other than disbursements incurred in supplying the information (see below).
  • Over £450: We do not have to comply with the request but if you wish us to continue you will be given an opportunity to pay for the work to be done at the estimated total cost under Regulation 4 plus Disbursements.

Disbursements include

The costs incurred in:

  • Complying with the applicants request for the information in a particular format.
  • Reproducing any document.
  • Postage and other forms of transmission.

Photocopying charges:

  • A4 Black and White - 5p per side
  • A3 Black and White - 10p per side
  • A4 Colour - 30p per side
  • A3 Colour - 60p per side

Postage and packing - actual cost

A charge for disbursements will only be made if they total more than £20.