Buxton Staff Parking

Parking Space is very limited at the Devonshire Site

Parking at the Devonshire Campus Buxton

We have very limited staff parking available at the Buxton Campus. It is currently all allocated to permit holders, minibuses, pool cars and blue badge holders. A very small number of new permits are allocated once a year, if there is space and only if strict criteria are met.

Where should I park?

We encourage all staff who are not able to use alternatives to the car to park at the Pavilion Gardens car park which is five minutes walk from the Campus. Permits can be obtained from High Peak Borough Council for a discount price. Parking here keeps our cars off the streets which helps neighbouring residents. If you choose to park on street in the area please carefully consider the needs of the local residents and obey all restrictions.

Parking enforcement and security

We have a contractor who looks after security and enforces parking restrictions on site. If you park at the Devonshire without a valid 'DC' permit, you can expect to get a parking charge notice. Other University parking permits are not valid at the Buxton Campus.

Staff travelling from other sites cannot park in the spaces at the Buxton Campus unless they are using a pool car.