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The National Student Survey (NSS)

From the 30 January until 30 April we carry out a range of surveys and you'll either be direct to complete our own internal University of Derby Survey (UoDsurvey), the UDOL survey, the National Student Survey (NSS), the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) or Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES). Once you've entered your student ID number on webpage you'll be directed to the survey you're eligible to complete. Your feedback is important to us as it helps us celebrate success and continuously improve.  

If you're directed to complete the NSS, as well as being contacted by us you'll also be contacted by Ipsos MORI (the external market research company who run this survey on behalf of Higher Education institutions across the UK and Ireland). This survey asks you about your learning experience over the time you've been studying with us. For further information about the NSS check out the Ipsos Mori Q&A for students. Details of eligibility criteria can be found here too. The survey can be completed at

We (the University) will contact you to complete the survey at the start of the campaign on the 30 January and as we never know who has completed you'll receive 2 reminders. Ipsos MORI will also contact you weekly via emails and telephone calls until you complete the survey.

Your responses to the survey are strictly confidential, and all responses are anonymised by Ipsos MORI before they're made available to us. Further information about Ipsos MORI's data protection can be found on their Q&A page.

If you've got further feedback throughout the year you can email