The National Student Survey (NSS)

From the 29 January until 30 April we carry out a range of surveys.

What is the NSS?

The NSS is a national survey carried out by Ipsos MORI, an independent research agency, on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). It gives you a powerful voice to help shape our institution and lets us know how we're doing, where to make improvements based on what you’ve told us, and where to celebrate our achievements.

As the survey is carried out by Ipsos MORI they will communicate with you directly until you have completed the survey.

The NSS asks you to answer a range of questions covering your University experience so please remember to think about all of your time with us when filling in your answers.

Why have I been chosen to do the NSS?

You’ve been chosen to do the NSS because you’re in your final year of study and we want to know how your time as a student with us has been. We will be asking all students in their final year, like you, to fill in the NSS so we can understand everyone’s view.

How do I complete the NSS?

All you need to do is go to feedback and pop in your student ID number to open the survey window. We ask for your student ID number to make sure you get the right survey popping up (there are 4 others besides NSS open right now), it is then wiped so everything you write is anonymous.

When the NSS survey window appears click on ‘Complete the Survey’ and choose your institution (simply type University of Derby) and use the red arrows to continue. Ipsos MORI will ask for some information so they know it is you completing it. This information is held by Ipsos MORI and also means they’ll stop contacting you (as mentioned above) once you’ve completed it. The Ipsos MORI privacy statement is available to view if you’d like to. 

What’s in it for me?

The survey asks you to answer a range of questions about your experience as a University of Derby student, when filling in the survey remember to think about your entire experience at University so far – it is not about one module or piece of work!

Please note that only your first survey completion will be recorded. If there is anything else you want to tell us after you’ve completed the survey, you can email us at

As a ‘thank you’ for filling in the survey you’ll be entered into a draw to win your choice of one of three:
• Graduation Package (free gown hire, photography package, guest and ball tickets)
• Experience Voucher (fancy a go at abseiling or mountain biking?)
• Cash prize

We’ve also been working with your Union of Students (Students’ Union) to coordinate a charity donation per programme, once a programme cohort has reached the response rate of 80% and above (where applicable the charity will be chosen by you and your Programme Reps. UDOL have chosen Disaster Emergency Committee as their charity).

If you've got further feedback throughout the year you can email