The New Normal? Implications for employers, leadership and wellbeing

Date and time
Wednesday, 3 June 2020
11.00 - 12.00

Helping you manage the ‘new normal’

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, creating difficult questions and uncertainty for any return to ‘normal’ working practices. It is essential that employees and managers consider whether our skills and behaviours will equip us for ‘the new normal’ (CMI, 2020).

The University of Derby Online Learning is providing free webinars and a range of short courses - or a 'business toolkit' - to help employers like you transition to the ‘new normal’.

About the webinar

This free webinar explores several themes, such as:

We will share our own experiences, at the University of Derby, of moving to a wholly online work environment and invite you to ask questions and share your own ideas.


Role: Course Director at the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL)

Dr Justin Steele-Davies began working within the higher education sector on physics education materials between his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These projects focused on delivering flexible self-study material for physics and mathematics. The project proved to have additional challenges when translated for online study due to the difficulty of arranging formulaic layouts and the progression in solving mathematical problems.

Dr Steele-Davies's PhD work was focused in the area of atomic and molecular spectroscopy, which involved the application of intense ultrashort laser pulses, vacuum systems, control integration and high-speed signal processing.

Having worked across both the technical and educational fields, Dr Steele-Davies is now intrigued by how new approaches and technologies can support higher education, and working at UDOL is giving him the ideal opportunity to be involved at the leading edge of development.

Role: Lecturer across a range of Engineering and Computing programmes at the University of Derby Online Learning

Professor Smith's background is in research and postgraduate supervision - particularly doctoral. He has supervised and examined over 100 PhD and DProf students, and published over 300 journal and conference papers on several different topics, including computing, management and doctoral education.

Professor Smith is interested in supervising and examining doctoral students and discussing any projects in higher education, particularly relating to research strategy, doctoral education and research development. He has recently completed a textbook for PhD students on the PhD viva, and can provide training on thesis writing, PhD supervision, professional doctorates and the viva.


Role: Academic Manager for Professional Executive Education at University of Derby Online Learning

Matt has worked with many public and private sector organisations on accredited and non-accredited management development programmes. He has focused principally on work-based and online learning over the last 13 years at the University. His research currently focuses on using game mechanics in learning programmes.

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