Desistance from crime

Date and time
Thursday, 16 June 2022
07.30 - 11.00


While there are very few comparative studies of desistance, we will explore the ways in which families in both South Korea and the UK are able to support individual members (such as sons and daughters or partners) desist from involvement in crime. Are the processes associated with desistance from crime in the two countries shaped by cultural norms relating to families and their responsibilities?

In what ways do social policies interact with family dynamics to assist (or perhaps to interrupt) processes of desistance? Are there lessons for policy formation or practice in criminal justice settings from examining the experiences of other countries and jurisdictions?


This online workshop is taking place on Thursday 16 June, via Zoom.

한국에서 온라인 웍샵에 참석하실 경우, 시간은 오후3시30분부터 저녁7시까지입니다. 착오없으시길 바랍니다. 

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