Chinese and Global Financial Integration through Stock Connect

Date and time
Wednesday, 13 October 2021
18.30 - 20.00


An inaugural lecture by Professor Flora Huang.

Inaugural lecture: Professor Flora Huang

This lecture presents the legal issues and impact of a novel form of financial integration, Stock Connect, giving mutual market access to Chinese and international investors. Such a cross-boundary investment channel represents numerous 'firsts' in Chinese financial liberalisation and a potential mechanism to be utilised widely in global financial markets.

Unlike the traditional market segmentation model, a new mechanism - Stock Connect, namely an exchange tie-up - integrates China with international developed markets such as Hong Kong and London. First launched in 2014 in Shanghai and then extended to Shenzhen with Hong Kong in 2016, a new London-Shanghai link was established in 2019. It has drawn wider attention for giving mutual market access to these exchanges and allowing Chinese and international investors to directly trade securities in each other's markets for the first time. This mechanism can become the new normal in future global financial integration.

In her lecture, Flora will discuss the profound implications of Stock Connect to local and global financial markets and the legal impediments to its implementation.

Professor Flora Huang

Flora Huang is Professor of Law and Business at Derby Law School. She has published two research monographs (a third under contract with Hart) and a range of journal articles in the field. She has worked for the Basel Convention and the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations Headquarters. She is also an expert advisor to Legatum Institute, a leading global think-tank.

She has a strong track record of funding, including the BA Mid-Career Fellowship, the Newton Funds, the Erasmus+ mobility programme, a City Venture Research Grant, the BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant and AHRC Skills Fund.

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