Preparing for Endurance Performance

Date and time
Thursday, 14 March 2019
18.15 - 20.00

Kedleston Road, Derby Campus
Kedleston Road
DE22 1GB

After months of hard work and commitment, you are closing in on the final stages of your training programme and the start line is fast approaching. But, in some ways, this is only the beginning. Your performance on race day is not only a result of all the training already completed, but it is also dependent on the quality of your tapering phase to ensure you are fully recovered and prepared to take on the challenge that is waiting around the corner.

So just how will you approach those crucial last few days? What can you do to make sure that when race day comes you are ready to execute the plan that you’ve worked so hard to put into place?

In this interactive lecture we will discuss the physiological benefits behind tapering, how to taper effectively and how to avoid common mistakes. We will also consider race day preparations and race strategies. Using the latest research and methodologies from the world of sport science and running coaching, we will make sure that the only thing you leave to chance on the day of your event, is the weather!

The lecture will be followed by a practical session on self-myofascial release (self-massage / foam rolling) and it’s role in recovery and subsequent performance.

18:15 – 18:30 Arrival and drinks
18:30 – 19:30 Preparing for endurance performance lecture
19:30 – 20:00 Self-myofascial release (foam rolling) workshop

Find out more about the hosts:

Jake Lowe
Jake is a running coach and motivator. With a dozen marathons under his belt, and armed with his trusty selfie stick and an infectious personality, Jake is on a mission to change the way people run. He coaches people of all abilities to avoid the common mistakes that most runners make by teaching them to #runwithscience. He has built an online community of recreational runners known as the performance community. Members of the community begin their journey with a blood lactate test at the Human Performance Unit at the University of Derby to accurately determine their current level of fitness. Jake then guides them from race registration to the finish line by sharing his best tips, tricks, and workout videos.

Dr Mark Faghy
Mark is an academic and BASES accredited sports scientist from the University’s Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science team. Mark has extensive experience of working with professional sports teams and athletes from the applied world having previously worked in football, cycling and athletics. His PhD research saw the application of Sports Science to the military groups and has been recognised with a number of awards. As well as providing academic content on the University Sports courses, he currently researches both clinically and in the performance sector whilst providing sports science support to elite athletes.

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