MA Music Production

Music and sound production are integral to the creative industries sector both in the UK and internationally, and are at the forefront of a diverse range of commercial, education and research developments. During this challenging course, students develop the academic knowledge and practical skills needed to take advantage of current and future opportunities in the music and media production industry sectors.

Our MA Music Production course is accredited by JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support) so that our students can be confident that the course meets the high standards demanded by industry.

Find out more about our MA Music Production course and read about recent student work below. 

Duncan Werner
MA Music Production


Harry Cooper

I release all creative endeavors through the moniker ‘Purple Jam’. After performing across the UK and recording multiple albums under the guise ‘Benedict Trenches’, for band Double Helix, and in the producer role for many more, I decided to pursue the MA Music Production course to further my knowledge of more traditional recording techniques, and place myself among likeminded peers.

Prior to the course my interest of Ambisonics was non-existent, but due to Derby’s specialism in the area a whole realm of possibility was opened up. Ambisonics (or ‘3D sound’) allows for ‘spatial’ music composition, a different world to stereo. This was, and is, fascinating to me, and led me to found an audio-game development company (along with course mates Connor Harrison and Jordan Barry), and start production of Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story, the world’s first fully explorable, binaural audio game.

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Music Production students sit together having a laugh
Harry, Connor and Jordan