MA Music Production

Hayley Thorpe

My name is Hayley Thorpe and I go by the stage name of Hayley Marie. I am a self-taught musician and have had a passion for songwriting and singing since I was 9 years old. From the first moment I picked up a guitar and started singing, I have not stopped! I have a huge passion for teaching and hope to be a teacher of music in the future. I studied the BA (Hons) Popular Music with Music Technology at the University of Derby, which taught me the skills I need to further my career in music!

Naturally, I progressed to the MA Music Production! I have most recently worked on 'Grace Darling - The Lighthouse Girl' a musical for which Phil Baggaley composed the music for, and luckily I became one of the main vocalists on the musicals CD 'Grace Darling'. I helped direct harmonies with the cast for Grace Darling and helped Phil make vocal adjustments. This was a great experience and has sparked a new passion for teaching vocals!

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Ife Aanu

My background has pretty much habituated around Information Technology with a mixed dream of living in a musical world. The combination of these has created an irresistible, reciprocal balance with transcendence increase of new technological conglomerate. At present, trying out new riffs and chord progressions has been incessantly looming, airing or refreshing the sustenance of my musical ambitiousness. I love community involvements such as street busking, sharing with the poor and homeless with hopes to contribute to their happiness in one way or the other. I experienced my greatest achievement when I worked as a field service engineer at the time where I solved a complex problem other engineers could not unspin. Musically, I have suddenly realised a prominent level of accomplishment with efforts invested over the years and hope to follow these in my future career aspirations.

Jake Kellaway

I am about to finish my paper for my MA in Music Production. I have always had a keen ear for music and wish to pursue a career as a music producer; I enjoy performing music as much as I love recording it. Being at the University of Derby has given me the skills necessary to achieve these goals and I can honestly say I cannot wait to undertake these dreams.

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Theodoros Kirykos

I accidentally started guitar lessons, when I was 14 years old. In this way, I became aware of my great passion for music. This cultivated in me the need to develop my understanding, my knowledge and my skills as a musician. Indeed, I was induced to attend electric guitar classes and simultaneously enrolled myself on vocal courses.

My studies on sound engineering and music production have been further enriched through my postgraduate study at the University of Derby. After finishing my Master’s Degree, I returned to my home country, Greece, and I am currently working as a freelance sound engineer. My focus primarily lies in rock-metal music productions.

My ultimate goal is to set up my own company and thoroughly enhance my personal progress by investing on the development of my knowledge concerning the area of interest.