Harnessing our potential: Interdisciplinary Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries

Date and time
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
08.30 - 17.00


Event Overview

The symposium aims to explore the value of working collaboratively with academics outside one’s discipline to expand creativity and open new possibilities. Proposals may involve current, recent or proposed research projects that involve two or more academic disciplines coming together to address a shared problem. Increasingly complex problems are solved by involving thinkers and practitioners approaching the issue from different perspectives. Furthermore, academics can often introduce new methodologies or skillsets that are unfamiliar or unused traditionally in certain fields, unlocking all sorts of potential.

Call for papers

The Creative & Cultural Industries Working Group at the University of Derby is delighted to invite submissions for their inaugural symposium, 'Harnessing our potential: Interdisciplinary Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries' under the theme Interdisciplinary Research & Research Informed Teaching.

The University of Derby’s Creative & Cultural Industries Working Group invites academics, artists, practitioners and cultural stakeholders to submit proposals for the Creative & Cultural Industries Interdisciplinary Conference being held online 20 September, 2022. The focus of this conference will be on interdisciplinarity and the value and importance of this practice to research nationally and internationally. 

There will be no cost to attend this online event as a delegate or general audience.

This symposium is particularly interested in, but not limited to, those projects that involve the arts, creative industries and/or cultural institutions and examples of how the public experience and impact has been enhanced through collaborative, interdisciplinary work. The committee encourages all academics from PhD students to early career researchers/academics to mid-late career academics and practitioners to apply to this highly inclusive event. We also encourage existing and prospective knowledge Exchange (KE) partners from the Derbyshire region to come forward and present areas in which they need collaborative support from the University. We welcome proposals of pre-arranged panels of three papers on a related theme. Please make this clear when submitting your proposal and state the other papers with which you are associated.

The Symposium Committee includes: Dr Daithi McMahon, Professor John Steel, Professor Ang Bartram, Professor Huw Davies, Professor Paul Elliott, Associate Professor Robert BurstowDr Cath Feely and Lisa McCabe.

Queries may be sent to conference@derby.ac.uk quoting ‘Creative Industries Symposium’ in the subject.

The following is a suggested (though not exhaustive) list of sub-themes the committee would welcome papers on, though we encourage applicants to be flexible in their interpretation of the symposium theme.

  • Biomedical Science
  • Business, Economic & Social Policy
  • Creative & Cultural Industries
  • Data Science
  • Public Service
  • Zero Carbon
  • Interdisciplinarity & Pedagogic Practices/Curriculum Development
  • Research Informed Teaching
  • Innovative Interdisciplinary Methodologies
  • Creative Knowledge Exchange Case Studies
  • Creative Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches in Museums/Heritage Sites/Cultural Centres/Art Installations
  • Interdisciplinary Art & Technology Projects
  • Use of Immersive Media (VR-AR-XR) in other research fields
  • Use of practice-based arts in research
  • International interdisciplinarity
  • Interdisciplinarity in Community and Civic Development
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches Health & Wellbeing Research
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Call for papers

Please submit your 300-word abstracts with authors and affiliations via the form below before 24 June 2022, 11.59 pm. Alongside traditional conference papers, the committee also welcomes alternative forms of multimedia dissemination. Please specify the details of the piece including medium and format.

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