Union of Students' President Corey Beck's message

Corey Beck
Corey Beck, Union of Students' President 2020/21

A few months ago, our world changed dramatically. In particular, as students, we were asked to make huge adjustments in the way we learn, interact, and complete submissions. For many, these changes ran alongside significant changes to our personal and family lives – meaning that some people returned back to hometowns and countries, took up new employment or voluntary opportunities, and priorities shifted to safety, security and wellbeing. Amongst this, the class of 2020 found our physical graduation ceremony postponed and yet the sense of anticipation for the culmination of our achievements still existed.

This year has perhaps, in many ways, reflected our lifetime at university: many ups and downs, periods of isolation (late night study session, anyone?), and a lot of reading articles! Students have come together to change perceptions, to champion a safer, more inclusive environment for everyone and to succeed in the face of adversity.

Regardless of the circumstance, student resilience, strength and commitment has ultimately prevailed, and you should stand proud of your achievements at the University of Derby. At a University where we share the vision that ‘anything is possible’, we look forward to seeing where you go next, no matter your direction and how this may continue to ebb and change. Stay in touch with us, continue to connect with your friends; support each other, and don’t forget to take time to reflect on all of your achievements. You are a graduate of the University of Derby - be proud of yourself.

The class of 2020; I wish you the warmest of congratulations and I look forward to the day in which we can celebrate more traditionally. Our cap and gown await, and in the famous words of the late Dame Vera Lynn, we (most definitely) will meet again.

Celebrate – you deserve it!

Corey Beck, Union President 2020/21
BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs and Disability