Chancellor's message

Chancellor William Cavendish, Earl of Burlington
William Cavendish, Lord Burlington, Chancellor of the University of Derby

One of the highlights of being a University chancellor, is the opportunity to meet students and often congratulate them.

Now, this isn't the way I would choose to do that, but I'm delighted nevertheless to be with you here, virtually in spirit, and to offer my deepest congratulations on everything you've achieved so far. And I know that I'm speaking on behalf of everyone at the University when I say how proud we all are of you and all of your hard work, and I hope you're proud of yourselves too.

These are challenging and unprecedented times. More disturbance, more discombobulation than any students in living memory, but that makes your achievements all the more impressive. All the more valuable.

You shown resilience and resourcefulness to get this far. But was there one moment in particular, one memory that you're especially proud of at your time here? And how about people? Was there somebody special who looked out for you? Who's helped you on your journey so far? But take a moment to think about that. Because these are the memories that last a lifetime. Memories forged here in Derbyshire at the University of Derby. And during your time at University you wouldn't have just picked up the memories. Hopefully you have picked up some skills too and these will help you with the challenges ahead.

One more thing about the disruption. Disruption often leads to innovation, and I'm not just talking about technology. I'm talking about every sector. Be that finance, fashion, engineering, healthcare, whatever. Thing about innovation is it can bring opportunity. So go and look for those opportunities and be part of the innovation. Because the University of Derby has prepared you to do that. Good luck, stay safe, and stay in touch.

William Cavendish, Lord Burlington
Chancellor of the University of Derby